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  • Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice

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    and Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice

    Consider Clarity counseling as a source of wellness for your group and its team members. This service can be personalized down to the final detail. In the meantime, here are some services I suggest:

    Seminars & Events
    Psychoeducation seminars or events can be preventative in nature or facilitated for an existing concern or problem.  Topics might include conflict resolution; time management to meet personal and professional goals; understanding the fundamentals of professional and personal relationships; and team building.

    On-site 1-on-1 counseling.
    Consider supporting your group, and ultimately your organization, by offering anonymous counseling services to your employees, volunteers or students.

    You might choose this option to meet a specific goal (i.e. to facilitate team building one employee at a time, or to teach skills to help your people manage their problems at home).

    Group Counseling.
    The topics of group counseling can be completely open, allowing the clients to introduce topics of concern during the group session. 

    Or, group counseling can be facilitated with the intent of meeting a specific organizational goal.

    Not sure what type of services to provide your team?
    Please contact Wendy for a consultation. We will discuss your needs and possible solutions.

    I have some exciting, fun and rewarding possibilities to offer your business, school or community program while blending creativity with wellness.

    More on Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

    Prior to my counseling education and career, I created and operated a life skills program for young adults. This later led to a contract I had with a program that hired me to teach classes to adults who were on probation and in the midst of various forms of rehabilitation. 

    Collectively, including my clinical internship as a counselor, my experiences have provided me with the skillset and tools to facilitate conflict resolution and restorative justice for schools, businesses, and community programs. 

    • I have a curriculum from the evidence-based Botvin Life Skills Training program.
    • I have been trained as a mediator for Restorative Justice Conferencing
    • I also utilize materials I authored for my previous life skills program: Learning Life Company and its “Get in the Game” program. 

    Packages & Costs

    Prices vary based on the event! Baseline prices are below. The costs presented herein does not include travel, multi-media needs, or supplies you might request.

    Note: The size of a group affects the price for a variety of reasons.

    I. One-on-one counseling, at your site
    Minimum of a 3-hour commitment: $400

    II. Group counseling, at your site
    Minimum of 90 minutes commitment: $250

    III. Events & Seminars

    # OF ATTENDEES           1 hr. / COST          2 hr./COST

      2 to 10                          $300                       $400

      11 to 20                        $350                       $450

      21 to 40                        $400                       $500

      41 to 60                        $450                       $550

      61 and up                    $500                        $600

                The baseline price structure above continues in the same pattern: add $100 per additional hour. And, add $50 per additional attendance category. (Note the price per group increases by $50 in the chart above, starting from the 11 to 20 group.)


    (1) If you are satisfied with the first contract and choose to book a second contract that is payable within 6 months, a 10% discount will be applied to the first contract.

    (2) If you refer my services: once that referral has settled their invoice you will receive a 10% discount on your next contract.

    (3) If you contract my services with the intent of having me provide services for one day – AND – it is at an event that requires overnight travel, I will offer a 30% discount if you book second day services. *Minimum rates apply.