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  • Location & Check In


    My office is located at 1103 E. Sherman Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814. The building is a wellness center that also has signage for Integrated Interventions, LLC. If you choose to park in the front, on the street, you will notice the building appears to be a standard commercial building. If you choose to park in the back, you will notice the building looks like a residential house. This is the same building and you may enter from either the front or the back door. There is no cost for parking.

    Check in

    When you arrive for a scheduled visit please wait in the front lobby seating area or take either set of short steps up to the next waiting area (where the fireplace is). I will find you and greet you. I do not utilize a receptionist so when you arrive in our front room please note any persons at a desk do not work for me.

    My office is on the same level as the sitting room and will say Clarity Counseling at the door. If you have children please keep their volume low because the building holds offices that run quiet businesses (counseling, massage, health consultations, etc.). Once you are in my office I am happy to share gadgets and coloring items suitable for children. Friendly dogs are welcome in the building as long as they are on a leash, quiet and you do not arrive too early for our appointment. The dogs (or other appropriate pets) do not have to be certified for service.

    IMPORTANT: Please let me know in advance if you have mobility limitations that does not allow you to get up three steps. We can make alternate arrangements to meet outside of my office, or depending on the time and day we may be able to utilize a different part of our building. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. I am in the process of addressing the matter to the landlord.

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