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  • Individual: Identity / Life Roles


    • Identity/Life Roles
    • Self-Esteem
    • Disorders/ Mental Health Concerns

    What is at the center of everything in your life?
    YOU. How you relate to yourself. How you relate to everyone else. How you value your place in the world.
    Below are some of the areas of ‘self’ that may contribute to the way a person identifies. If you are feeling uncertain about one or more of these topics, you might find that the answer to other problems in your life can be found by re-evaluating the more central parts of how you identify.
    The role you play in your family, your work, your school, or your community
    Sexual identity
    Gender identity
    Ethnic identity
    Spiritual identity
    Intellectual abilities or deficits
    Emotional abilities or deficits
    Inconsistencies with how you see yourself and how others see you

    If you want support finding or reconnecting with the Authentic You, please contact me.