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  • Life Transitions

    Life Transitions

    • Education & Young Adult Life Skills
    • Career Pathways / Career Shifts / •Retirement
    • Re-organizing Lifestyles / Goals / •Dreams
    • Grief & Loss
    • Aging Parents

    We often refer to life as being divided by chapters. This metaphor can work but if we investigate deeper, life, as we experience it in our brain and our body… is more like a room where we see ourselves living life through a real-time video. It plays constantly on a very large screen…

    The room also has numerous smaller screens playing videos simultaneously. The smaller screens project our past positive and negative experiences and future dreams, future expectations, future worries…and again, it’s all happening at the same time. We can’t ignore that large, real-time screen but we are constantly resisting the urge to be distracted by the smaller screens.

    There are also layers of different musical sounds and voices playing at once… and we can see walls filled with paintings that were designed by our perception of events.

    Also hanging on the walls are photos of moments we perceive through the lens of others.

    Our brains keep very busy processing the past and present with future-oriented thoughts blasting in at the same time. It is constant and it is layered. 

    We are made up of the past, the present and ideas of the future. Some of it is beautiful and should be treasured, while some of it may also be distracting us from living in the present and in a forward direction.

    So maybe when we are facing a transition in life, we are not meant to just close one chapter and open another.

    Instead, maybe we are meant to review all those layers of that room we see in our brain and then decide:

    • Decide which videos to pause.
    • Decide which videos to delete.
    • Decide which videos to download and store in a safe place where we can honor it but essentially be done viewing it.
    • Decide what audio we want to keep in the background as a calm, harmonious sound.
    • Decide which paintings and photos we want to preserve and then weave them in a tapestry we can enjoy viewing.

    By doing this, we can create more space in our minds and hearts to re-focus and start living in the present moment – with less distraction -creating a more serene space in our hearts and minds, so we can appreciate life today and tomorrow.

    Are you experiencing a major life transition? If you are, whether it is positive or negative in nature, we can work together to sort through the layers and help you find clarity in this life transition. Visualize your serene space and I will be by your side as you create it.