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  • Relationships

    • Family
    • Parenting
    • Teens (ages 12 +)
    • Pre-Marital
    • Divorce/Separation
    • Friendships/Social

    Human relationships are at the heart of life. People are beautifully flawed and perfectly imperfect.
    I can help you navigate the ocean of your relationships…find the path to your islands of stability and identify your life rafts.
    Counseling services pertaining to relationships will vary depending on your situation. Most likely the topics we will discuss will fall into these categories:
    Your presenting concern, from your point of view

    • Consider the other person/people’s point of view
    • Discuss the areas of conflict, the areas of strength, and your ultimate goals
    • Identify past experiences and any variables that relate to your situation and affect your goal
    • Communication skills, barriers and ‘love languages’
    • Core beliefs, values and setting boundaries

    In situations where the client feels lost in so many layers of emotions and circumstances that led to why they are in counseling, I usually find it beneficial for the client when we draw a diagram that illustrates emotions as they relate to internal and external factors. We also create a timeline of life events and then study it to look for patterns and connections that might say something about the client’s perspectives, expectations, choices, habits, how they are typically treated by others, and so forth. I have had many clients experience an “Ah ha!” moment from this technique.
    Let’s work together to create more peaceful relationships in your life.